Drips & Drops

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Dr. Hannah Fry, a superbly cool mathematician, studied the deformation of droplets and created these beautiful models of a square droplet (left) and a semicircular droplet (right).

They have a certain topographic quality to them, and their soothing geometry reminds me of colouring books.

The dripping sound was recorded a few months ago, inside an abandoned hotel in the Azores.

Hannah Fry

The square droplet /

The semicircular droplet

A Study of Droplet Deformation


Mathematical models

Square droplet | Left

Results for ΞΆ within the lid driven cavity for 129x129 grid points and a range of Reynolds numbers.

Semicircular droplet | Right

Pressure and vorticity contours for t = 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 in the interacting semicircular droplet.

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