If you're reading this, you're either one of our Make Your Own pilots, or someone who's previously commissioned a Museum in a Box. That's a pretty small group of people.

When we go public, to a wider audience, we'll have a Privacy Policy in place that will identify and outline the standard things privacy policies usually do. There are lots of examples of good ones (like, EFF), and we'll need to hire a lawyer to write us a proper one.

A lot of what we're trying to do at Museum in a Box is work in public, sharing our progress and thinking on what we're up to, and who we're working with. You, you select few, are our precious crew of hardy early adopters, and, we'd love to tell the people who follow what we're doing who you are, and what you're making with us. We want to do that via our website, and eventually by opening up what we're working on here to a broader audience, in some form. But, in the meantime, we won't share your email addresses or other contact details with anyone.

This website has been designed so you can see each other, and all the collections, and boxes around the world. It's intentional, because we want you to see what's happening across the system, and maybe learn something or try something new as a result. If you don't want your stuff to be explored like that, you can make a Collection private. That'll mean only you can see it.

Working with kids

Many of our Make Your Own pilots are working at schools. We're expecting that the adults in the situation will be the ones signing up for accounts on our "Heart" system here, and not the kids. We're not able to provide the right controls yet for young folks to join in - we have a bunch more work to do on that to create a welcoming and safe space.

Make Your Own pilots - documentation

When we did our user interviews with you, we mentioned that we'd love to see documentation of your process, and how you worked on getting a Collection together. LOVE. We'd mentioned that we have a photography permissions slip available for you, so here's a link to a Google doc version of it. Do please send to us as you see fit.

And, if you have any questions or concerns about anything said here, do please contact us.