Pig & Owl

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I think the red three-legged pig was a present from Mum. I’m pretty sure it arrived after I’d moved to London, and when Mum and Dad were visiting. It’s round, about the size of a plum, and stands steady, even though it only has three legs. You can tell it’s a pig by the shape of its nose. I bought the owl in a curiosity shop in Austin, Texas. I was there for a conference, but we were able to take a day to explore a bit. (And have a Margarita!) The shop was full to the rafters with all manner of treasures, and somehow amongst it all, this owl caught my eye. It’s black and smooth, and you have to look closely to see the delicately carved eyes and feathery front, but you can still tell it’s an owl by its pointy ears. I’ve put these two objects together in my bedroom because I read in a Feng Shui book somewhere that it’s good to have a pair of things there, for love.

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